About Us

Saddle Co Australia started in 2020 when we discovered there was a strong need in the equestrian world for the impossible task of finding a saddle that fits (hard-to-fit) horse and a saddle that the rider felt comfortable in too.

Soon, did we realise that there was very limited options when it came to buying a secondhand saddle, take it to your horse to see if it fitted to the horses back, to have a sit in it and then feel if it was comfortable for the rider. 

And this is when Saddle Co Australia was brought to life.

Our business structure is to offer customers the ability to test/trail saddles in support of a local accredited saddle fitter. To give peace of mind when it comes to finding the RIGHT saddle by allowing a 7 day risk free trial period. To ensure the rider is comfortable and so is the horse.

We also offer finance options of Afterpay and Zippay. 

Saddle Co Australia has also expended to accomodate the added need of quality secondhand tack and our own label apparel.


Terms and Conditions:

(CMF Saddle Fit offer an exclusive discount for our South Australia customers. This discount voucher will be provided to our customers when they book an appointment with CMF Saddle Fit when they purchase a saddle from us. )


How it works:

The saddle you have purchased will be brought to your consultation appointment with CMF Saddle Fit. Ensure you notify CMF saddle fit of the purchase so we can organise for the saddle to be in possession of CMF saddle fit so it can be brought to your appointment. 

**Any alterations to the saddle ( ie - gullet change, added flocking etc) will forfeit the 7 day trial period.


We do offer a 7 day trial for all saddle purchases (including non South Australia residents). How this works is, you purchase the saddle - all sales automatically receive a seven (7) day trial.
Once you receive the saddle we do highly suggest you have a saddle fitter appointment already made so you can ensure any small alterations that need to be done can be informed to you during the trial period time. If, the saddle fitter deems the saddle to be not the right shape, size or design for your horses back - simply email us and we can organise a form for you to fill out to return the saddle for a full refund.

*Saddle must be returned in same clean, damage free condition. We hold the right to decline any full refund of damage has been made whilst the saddle has been in your care and alternatively this will alter the refund price.

(Note: all saddles sold have had extensive photographic images taken and documentation moments prior to shipment. This is to ensure the condition of the saddle is as is and if any disputes arise - they are fair and within reason.)