How do I put my saddle on consignment with Saddle Co Australia?

Please message us with as much detail of your saddle you wish to sell via Facebook or email (saddlecoaustralia@hotmail.com). Please remember to include photos! :) 

What are the consignment fees? And how are they paid?

Our consignment fees are simple. We take our percentage out of the sale price - for example, when your saddle sells we will take out our commission fee before we direct debit you your funds.

Our fees are 22% including GST for saddles sold between $0-$3,000 and 18% including GST for saddles sold over $3,000.

If your saddle doesn’t sell, we don’t charge! 

Why is Saddle Co Australia charging commission fees? And are they negotiable?

Unfortunately our fees are non-negotiable. We are a registered and fully insured Australian business. The reason why we must charge the fees that have been set is due to the everyday expenses and costs for running a successful business. For example, we offer finance options to our clients, this is a great highlight for us as a business as it gives our clients the option to purchase their desired saddle now whilst paying the finance companies off in instalments. This unfortunately costs us as a business to provide this service, therefore has been factored into our commission fees. Other reasons include, costs incurred for safety checks and documentation reports,  thorough saddle deep cleans, professional photography and much more.

What sets Saddle Co Australia apart from other companies?

Saddle Co Australia has a unique technique and business structure that ensures your saddle is given the highest possible chance of selling. We limit our saddle in-takes to maximum 15 saddles at one time. This ensures your saddle is getting the MOST attention and marketing possible! This also ensures that your saddle is not competing against a number of other saddles in store.

Other reasons as to why Saddle Co Australia is so special includes:

> Highly customer focused
> Offering clients 7 day risk free trial period 
> Extensive clientele list
> High reputation
> Fully functional store, open by appointment for clients (with two Saddle Display Horses) therefore clients can have a sit in multiple saddles to ensure rider comfort. 

What are the terms on having my saddle on consignment with Saddle Co Australia? And what happens if I choose to request my saddle back? 

Saddle Co Australia do not have any “locked in contracts” however, we do have a few guidelines to help our consignment saddle process run smoothly.

• Your saddle must be held at our premise.
(sorry, we can not take on saddles that have not arrived in our store. This is to ensure thorough safety checks have taken place for customer peace of mind.)

• Your saddle will be listed with us for a minimum of 16 weeks. If you request your saddle back prior to this agreed timeframe there will incur a $200 payable fee (this is to cover costs such as advertising and marketing, photography, safety checks, reports and thorough saddle cleaning) If you request your saddle returned AFTER the 16 week period there will be NO CHARGE.

•If your saddle has been posted to our store from a state outside of SA. And you have requested your saddle back PRIOR the 16 week period - you will have to cover the return costs for postage. If you request your saddle returned AFTER the 16 week period - Saddle Co Australia will cover the return postage costs.


What happens if my saddle is damaged? Or damaged whilst “out on trial” with a potential buyer?

As a fully insured business, we take every precaution to ensure your saddle is safe. Your saddle is carefully handled and stored correctly at our premise. Saddle Co Australia’s store is fully equipped with top security measures.
If your saddle is damaged whilst out on trial and the “purchaser” wishes to return within the 7 day trial period, Saddle Co Australia will match the returned report documentation to the report documentation that was done prior to the saddle leaving the store. If the saddle is indeed damaged we will discuss the matter with both the "purchaser” and the "seller”. If the saddle is deemed “unsellable” due to the damaged caused the “purchaser” will be refused a refund and the saddle will be returned to the “purchaser”. If there is a superficial damage (such as a small scratch) the saddle will be re-evaluated and the “purchaser” will be liable and the amount will be deducted from their refund.

The “purchaser” is reliable for any damages caused to the saddle whilst it is in their possession.

If there is a dispute, Saddle Co Australia will handle all legal matters.

Saddles posted are fully insured, if for whatever reason, the saddle is lost, damaged or stolen whilst posting to the client.  

Can you sell my damaged saddle/saddle that needs reflocking or that needs mending?

Saddle Co Australia refuses to take on any severely damaged saddles or saddles that require a “full reflock” or CAIR replacement.

Saddles with general wear and tear is okay. If you are unsure please email us at saddlecoaustralia@hotmail.com .

Saddle Co Australia reserves the right to decline to sell a saddle if it is deemed unsafe. 

(Safety checks include: sound saddle tree, secure stitching, safe girth points, smooth and soft panels)


When should I expect my payment from my saddle once it’s sold? 
Saddle Co Australia  will inform you when your saddle is sold. Depending on if the client has collected from store, or if the saddle required postage, will depend on the time frame on when your saddle funds will be released. 
The client will be eligible for a 7 day trial period from the day they “receive” the saddle.

Saddle Co Australia will notify you on the 6th day of the trial period and will request your bank details to process the fund release. A payment receipt will be sent to you with the receipt number. If you do not receive the funds within 2-4 business days from receiving this receipt please immediately contact Saddle Co Australia.

Saddle Co Australia does not hold responsibility if you provide incorrect bank details - please ensure the bank numbers are correct!

Saddle Co Australia will NOT ask for your bank details prior to this time due to privacy and safety reasons. 

When should I expect my saddle to be listed on the website after I have posted/dropped of to store? 
Saddle Co Australia will endeavour to get your saddle listed as soon as possible. However, your saddle is required to go through a few safety checks, documentation reports and deep cleaning beforehand. Depending on the condition, your saddle will be listed as soon as 48 hours after receiving the saddle. However, please allow up to 4 business days.


 How do I book an appointment to come to the store?

Our store is open strictly by appointment only.

To book an appointment please Facebook message us or email at (saddlecoaustralia@hotmail.com) with your preferred times and days. We will try to accommodate your desired days and times the best we can. 
Saddle Co Australia does operate outside of business hours.