Premier Equine Flexi Stirrups

Premier Equine Flexi Stirrups

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Premier Equine brings you the latest in innovative stirrup technology

These high quality, stainless steel flexi stirrups allow freedom of movement and help to improve position, this in turn allows the rider to be more balanced by allowing them to put more weight into their heels. The flexibility as suggested by its name also reduces pressure on the joints from the hips to the ankles. Proven to soften impact on cartilage and ligaments. Features removable anti-slip rubber treads for easy cleaning.

Engineered using lightweight and high quality materials, Premier Equine's stirrups offer great strength and longevity. Meticulously designed to provide a high quality riding experience for all.

Technical Details

- Easy to use, classic design

- High quality stainless steel frames

- Flexible rubber side panels

- Removable anti-slip pyramid treads

- Featuring laser printed 'PE' branding

- Sole in pairs