Prestige X-Iceland D1 Zero Dressage Saddle 17”

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Prestige D1 Dressage Saddle 17”.


RRP $5750


The saddle has a narrow twist and is made on a standard D1 derived tree with square cantle that puts the rider closer to the animal without blocking its movement. The saddle provides comfort and close contact. The fit is outstanding for short and muscular horses, thanks in part to the shaved in the front part to give more freedom to the shoulders.



Elastic front girth straps

Deep seat and square cantle

Large blocks

Designed for short back, big shoulder horses

Seat Size measured: 17 inch


Gullet measured: 6 inch


Gullet stamped: M




-front: 4inch


-middle: 3 inch


-rear: 3 inch


Flap length:


-from top of stirrup bar: 16.5 inch


Colour: black


Panel fill: wool flock


Adjustable: by saddler


Condition of points: good


Marks, damage or wear: Some bite mark damage on cantle of saddle ( shown in photo ), normal stirrup leather wear on flaps, some very small scruffs on seat from use ( photographed )


Accessories: nil






This saddle is in good condition with a few wear marks. The saddle has had the tree, girth straps and stitching checked which is all in good condition.